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Gulf South Pine Straw is a premier supplier of quality pine straw in Gulfport MS since 2016. Ever since we started selling pine straw, we have made a name as the best in Mississippi and the Southeastern states. Our customers love us for our superior quality pine needle products, professional service, and on time delivery.

We always do our best to provide professional products and service to our customers. The pine straw for sale is always fresh and suitable for all manner of landscaping needs. Since customer service is our number one goal, we make sure that we have professionally trained employees to handle any queries you may have. Our employees have years of experience in pine straw mulch. With their certifications, they will be of great help in offering advice on how to apply the mulch in the best way for the health of the landscape on its use.

As a small company that was started only a few years ago, we pay a lot of attention to detail and ensure we do everything right. We guarantee that we are on time with our freight services so that you get your pine straw delivery on time. The straw is delivered in well maintained and dry closed door trailers so that it arrives in pristine condition. We deliver the product in time and such good condition. We always have our freight dispatch operatives on call to provide custom delivery services and customer service if needed.

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Pine Straw Quality 

We deliver top quality straw mulch. Our mulch is the best anywhere in Gulfport MS as we hand clean, rake and bale our pine mulch.  We also take care to only pack and deliver the best quality pine mulch. The highly compressed bales pack into dry storage trailers that we own before being driven to customers by our very own drivers. We can assure you that our product is lightweight, is good for the environment, and will improve soil fertility. Pine straw will protect your plants from high temperatures and will create beautiful landscapes.

Residental & Commercial

We install pine straw mulch on both commercial and residential premises all across Mississippi and the Southern States. Our professional delivery and installation crews will provide several services in the installation of the mulch.  Since we work on both residential and commercial properties, we strive not to disrupt your normal activities. For your commercial installation, our professional installation crew will arrive in a Gulf South Pine Straw brand truck at a time of your choosing. For your residential installation, you are free to request a time that is most convenient, and we will work with you to ensure that your daily routine is never interrupted.


Since Gulf South Pine Straw establishment in 2016, we have grown to serve customers in Mississippi and most Southeastern states. We pride ourselves in timely overnight deliveries and guarantee that will deliver all orders made between 9 am and 5 pm. Delivery is essential for many customers particularly during the spring when pine straw demand is at its highest due to many persons preferring to do their landscaping and gardening during this time. We make deliveries to most Southeastern states, but due to our very high-quality standards, we cannot deliver to the more northerly or westerly states as overnight deliveries might not be possible given the long distances we cover.


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Our Pine Straw Bales

We provide two types of bales: the square pine straw bale and the round pine straw bale. The kind of bale you decide to go for depends on the use you have for the mulch. The Square bales are typically highly compressed bales with at least three cubic feet of straw that pack into each. The round bales generally are two and a half times the capacity of their square counterparts.

Square Pine Straw Bales

  1.   These are great for average or small size gardens since they  are smaller
  2.   They are easy to spread and maneuver given that they are lighter
  3.   Have three cubic feet of pine straw in each bale

Round Pine Straw Bales

  1.  They are cheaper to install for landscapers as they can be easily rolled onto the landscape saving on labor costs.
  2.  Faster and easier installation and spread as these move anywhere you want easily
  3.  You could either roll them out like a bale of hay or if you prefer you can default to using a pitchfork


Benefits of Using Pine Straw Bales as Mulch


Pine straw comes in different flavors including differences in wax content, and needle length, all of which determine the species from which its harvest. Nonetheless, all mulch does play a critical role in your garden by adding nutrients to the soil and protecting the soil from rain and wind. The following are some of the benefits of using pine straw as mulch:

        1. Sustainable and Natural

Pine trees drop their straw or needles naturally which are then raked up and baled for use without having to cut down trees. This makes this one of the most renewable extraction processes as it follows the natural cycles of shedding that happens at preset times of the year.

         2. Improves the soil

The straw prevents erosion as it protects the soil underneath from too much rain or wind thus reducing the effect of severe weather conditions. In addition to protecting the soil from erosion, it also creates a chemically balanced soil that will promote the growth of acid-loving plantation such as roses and azaleas. The breakdown of mulch also does release organic matter in the soil thus making it more fertile over time.

          3. Easy to Maintain

Unlike wood mulches, pine straw mulch is not easily washed out of beds or float out much like rubber much, and hence you will have a cleaner landscape. It also does not require frequent reapplication since it breaks down so slowly. Unlike leaves or grass clipping which decay to form a crust, it remains loose. You will not have to fluff, refresh, or mix the mulch as it will stay friable and loose for a long time.

          4.Prevents the growth of Weeds

Pine mulch tends to discourage the growth of weeds around your plants as compared to wood mulches. Weed seeds often fall through the pine mulch to the bottom where they cannot grow, as compared to wood mulch which provides a fertile ground for the germination and growth of weeds.

           5. Visual Appeal

It has a natural uniform color and texture that makes for a beautiful landscape. With its brown neutral colors, it provides a perfect neutral backdrop that makes your plants stand out. You also get to have your beds and gardens looking clean and fresh.  The mulch prevents water and mud from splashing onto the flowers and leaves.

          6.Cost Effective

While it costs as much as three times the price of wood mulch, it can be spread over a much larger area thus making it just as affordable. Nonetheless, pine straw lasts longer than any other mulch, and hence it is much cheaper over the long run.

          7. Helps with Moisture Retention

Pine mulch covers the topsoil near the plant thus preventing the loss of too much moisture from the soil. With moisture retention, the soil will also not suffer from soil compaction, which will make it a better soil for the plants growing on it.   

What Our Customers Say About Us


The Guys at Gulf South Pine Straw strawed our home to get it ready to sale.  They did a phenomenal job and our house sold three days after they finished Thank you guys

-Linda S.

Reasonbale Prices, but with the free delivery and installation included Gulf South Pine Straw became a no brainer to use for all our pine straw needs.  Good Job.  5 Stars

-Jason L

Used to use Lowes and Home Depot to get our pine straw, but now we decided to go local and Gulf South Pine Straw was just who we were looking for. Will use from here on out 

-Helen C